Health Care Management 

HealthLink of America is a dynamic management company that provides solutions that focus on the management of community and facility based behavioral health agencies for small to large provider organizations.  Agencies that we work with see the value of dramatically increased profitability, effectiveness, efficiency, legal/regulatory and accreditation compliance.  Our exceptionally qualified professionals will provide training and oversight of quality enhanced evidenced based clinical service delivery practices, financial programs to include budget management, payroll and billing services; marketing, human resources management and health and safety programs. Our clients quickly realize a significant return on investment (ROI) once our consulting recommendations, technologies and techniques have been implemented.

HealthLink of America understands that every agency will have a unique way of operating based on their mission, vision and values. HealthLink of America will discover that uniqueness and provide solutions that will exceed expectations while providing tremendous value to your organization.

HealthLink of America understands that most agencies have limited budgets and need to realize a significant return on investment in order to justify management consulting and/or outsourcing.  This is why every effort is made to provide full service turnkey solutions by utilizing  state of the art  business practices  that are not only high quality, but cost effective and customized to your specific needs.